About us

Making a meaningful difference to brands, businesses & people


Welcome to Havas Media Ukraine, founded in 2007. Havas is one of the largest global communication groups in the world, with more than 22,000 employees in more than 100 countries who share one single mission: to create meaningful change for brands, businesses and people.

At Havas Media Ukraine, we are more than an agency; we are active contributors to industry initiatives that shape the landscape of media and advertising. As proud members of VRK committees and collaborators with IAB Ukraine, we play a pivotal role in influencing standards and fostering innovation.

At Havas Media Ukraine, our main mission is to use budgets efficiently, maximizing impact and achieving key goals.

From idea to realization: planning, cooperation, development with special tools

Once we all align with our shared plan, we initiate the creation process, always aiming for the utmost quality.

During this phase, we thrive on collaborating with diverse disciplines and prototyping ideas.

Our standard operating procedure involves working in sprints, facilitating rapid progress, ensuring ongoing communication with our partners, and readily adapting to immediate solutions when necessary.