Puma – Winning in the World of COVID-19

Strategic evolution in the new reality

In a world of COVID-19 and closed stores, PUMA faced a challenge. Cut off from their customers, the brand decided to turn to online platforms to save them. Facebook and Instagram became the key ones.

Masterful targeting

After a thorough analysis, we uncovered the secret to success: a combination of smart targeting and optimal platform selection. Advertising costs decreased by three times, but the number of purchases increased to 1685, marking a new benchmark for efficiency.

Profit growth like never before

The skillfully planned ROAS of 200% turned into an impressive 529%! Our strategy not only covered costs, but also ensured more than stability – we achieved significant profits, even during the pandemic.

Key to success: courage and modernity

PUMA’s success is not just about numbers. It is a story of how courage and ingenuity in modern marketing can turn challenges into opportunities.